Transcript and Diploma Samples

I resist suggesting any particular format for your high school transcript or diploma because I want each student to do what is appropriate for their goals and not feel pressured to fit into a certain plan. But many people ask me for samples so here are a couple.

They will not serve everyone's needs but they may give you a place to start.

The diploma template is very simple. There are many nicer ones you can order online or you can make your own.

You may want to have me sign the transcript or diploma or you, the parent/guardian, may want to sign off on it as the home educator.

Change the formats as you need to. There are many other options online so look around and see what suits you and your child.

Click on the arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the template and download/save to your computer and then open/edit the template in Google Docs.

Diploma Template -- 1-21