Attendance FAQ

Florida Unschoolers students have a standing report for attendance once they are enrolled. That means their attendance is accounted for until the student is withdrawn or graduates. 

Depending on your philosophy about home education, whether you are an unschooler or a traditional homeschooler or something in between, you will be more or less flexible about what "counts" as a day in your records. That decision is completely up to you.

But as far as checking in to report attendance, your child is there, in attendance, every day and every day counts so there is no need for you to count days or check in until you withdraw or graduate your child.

How many days are required?

Your child is required to have at least 180 days of attendance each school year. Of course, your child is there every day. :) 

When does my school year begin and end?

You decide how you want to think of your school year. Think about how you want to unschool or homeschool, how you want to manage your records, and choose a school year that suits you. Some parents follow a traditional school year, some homeschool year-round, and some don't think of learning in those terms. 

What about the days before Florida Unschoolers enrollment?

If your child was of school age, they were enrolled/registered somewhere else before you enrolled them with Florida Unschoolers. Then you changed your mind and enrolled them here. Whether you made the switch at the beginning of your school year or in the middle, anything before that was counted somewhere else.

Don't I need to report what we are doing?

I am sure you are doing a wonderful job and putting immense energy into providing for your child's education. But I don't need to check on you. I don't need a summary or information about what you have been doing.