ID Cards

These are a few websites where you can make an ID card.

Big Huge Labs has a free "make your badge/ID card" page.

Homeschool Buyers Co-op has a free homeschool ID page.

Canva -- this design was made by a Florida Unschoolers parent for your use. 

Canva -- a new design from a Florida Unschoolers parent. 

Zazzle has many ID card options to choose from and is easy to use. 

You can use a photo of yourself or your child or this logo on any of these ID cards.

Customize the card to suit your needs. Are you a teacher or a homeschooler? Is your child a homeschooler or enrolled in a private school or a student? Depending on what you want the card for, any of these answers and more can be right.

This is only an option -- you may not need or want an ID card. If this is something you can use, create the ID card that works for you and your family.

Special Note of Thanks:

The logo you see here was designed by a wonderfully talented Florida Unschoolers graduate. Thank you, Karin!