There are four (4) items required to enroll your child:

Item #1:  Information Sheet -- CLICK HERE.

Submit the Information Sheet online and then submit the following three (3) items by email or by uploading or by regular mail:

Item #2: Birth certificate. (And custody/guardianship paperwork where appropriate.)

Item #3: Health exam (usually Form DH 3040) -- must be current information (no more than one year old). 

Item #4: Immunization record (usually Form DH 680) -- must be current information. Note: If your religious convictions conflict with requirement (4) you may submit Form DH 681 (Religious Exemption from Immunizations Form). Get this form from your local health department. Immunization Guidelines (see page 12) (FAQ).

Do not send documents that are not requested. Do not send a copy of your child's Social Security card or your driver's license or anything but the four (4) items required.

Legible scans or photos of the documents can be submitted.

Keep copies for your records.

When all four (4) of these items are received, you will be sent an email confirming your child's enrollment date. Check your spam. Keep a copy of that email for your records.

For information about withdrawing your child from their previous school or terminating your Home Education Program if you are a homeschooler registered with the county, see "Who do I have to tell? Do I have to notify the county? The local public school?" at the FAQ.