Deschooling if you enroll your child with Florida Unschoolers includes getting used to the idea that you are in charge of all the decisions and making all the arrangements along the way as your child learns at home. 

Everything. Which is a big change if you are used to a traditional school that makes all the choices, large and small, and provides all kinds of services.

“Good. OK. Wonderful. But, really?”


If you enroll your child with Florida Unschoolers, the only things covered are their enrollment in a private school and their attendance, which is covered by virtue of them being enrolled. 

Beyond that, my goal is to leave you alone. That’s the actual plan. To offer space for you to deschool and figure out how you want to live and learn together. Not to micromanage anything for you, not to require or spoon feed, not to check and inspect. 

Independent learning. Independent from me and anyone else, any other system, any content requirements, any oversight. 

Also independent from any services and amenities that might justify putting up with all that oversight. 

So when you look into enrolling your child, consider what I do offer: enrollment and attendance.

And consider what I don’t offer: pretty much anything else. 

There may be incidental items (a template for a transcript), sign ups (FLVS Flex, Bright Futures), and general information that is available at the website and on the Facebook Group, but for 99.9% of what you will be doing every day, you will be in charge, doing things for yourself, independent. 

Which is great if that’s what you want, or come to want, but can be a jolt if you were expecting a traditional school experience with all the services and bells and whistles.

This is not that. This is you, independently enjoying your children learning at home while I leave you alone. Have fun! :)