FES--Special Needs (UA)

The FES--Special Needs (UA) program provides funding for some special needs students who are not enrolled in public school.

The organizations that manage the funding, Step Up for Students (SUFS) and AAA, each have their own process.

SUFS requires a letter from Florida Unschoolers verifying that your child is enrolled the first time you apply but your child will not be funded until cross-checks with the public school system confirm they are not enrolled in public school. SUFS can have a substantial waitlist. No letter from Florida Unschoolers is required for renewals.

AAA also requires a letter confirming enrollment with Florida Unschoolers the first time you apply but classifies Florida Unschoolers students as homeschoolers which is not, technically, correct. No letter from Florida Unschoolers is required for renewals.

If you are applying for the first time and your child is enrolled with Florida Unschoolers, request a letter confirming your child's enrollment with Florida Unschoolers by email -- director@floridaunschoolers.net -- include your child's name, birthdate, and the grade they will be listed in with the FES program.

For more information, contact SUFS or AAA.

SUFS -- https://www.stepupforstudents.org/

AAA -- https://www.aaascholarships.org/

The FL DOE has some information here -- https://www.fldoe.org/schools/school-choice/k-12-scholarship-programs/fes/

There are also Facebook groups run by parents using this program. Here are a few: