The transition from traditional school to learning at home -- deschooling -- is an important stage for most new home educators. Giving yourself and your family permission to take the time to explore options and decide how you want to do things makes for a much better home education experience. These are some posts to help you start deschooling.

Now what? -- My two cents on deschooling and easing into life as a new unschooler or homeschooler.

More on Deschooling -- Because it really makes a difference.

Independent -- this is not traditional school.

Definitions -- some help with sorting out all the new lingo.

Deschooling Discussion with Autumn Frisby from Local Homeschoolers -- Podcast

Deschooling & Unschooling Chat with Tobin Slaven from Acton Academy -- Podcast

This is not public school -- You'll hear me say this a lot. :)