NOTE: Parents of Florida Unschoolers students using FLVS Flex curriculum will be asked to provide FLVS with some proof of residency (like a copy of your light bill or lease). You will receive an email from FLVS with information about where to upload the document to FLVS. Do not send it to Florida Unschoolers. 

NOTE:  Do not choose classes listed under MOSAIC. Only choose classes listed under Florida Virtual School. 

Florida Unschoolers is affiliated with FLVS (www.flvs.net) which means your child may use the FLVS Flex option.

Under the FLVS Flex option, students may choose one course to supplement their other learning or enough courses to create a complete curriculum.

Many Florida Unschoolers students have happily used the FLVS Flex option over the years but it is a choice, not a requirement.

If your child is interested in using this option, you will need to go to the website and set up an account with them. You would need to select private school (not homeschool), Martin County (that’s where I am), Florida Unschoolers and Nance Confer as Guidance Counselor. Choose a student ID number you will remember if the FLVS system asks you for one. 

You request a course and it shows up on my FLVS page. I verify enrollment and that is the end of my involvement.

Your child will be assigned to a class and the teacher will contact you. There will be frequent, regular contacts with the FLVS teacher. While there is no FSA or other standardized testing required of FLVS Flex students, there will be tests and quizzes and deadlines appropriate to each class.

It is a good idea to start with one course while you and your child get used to the way FLVS works. Available courses are listed here: https://www.flvs.net/

Taking courses through FLVS does not result in a public school diploma unless you are a public school student enrolled with FLVS Full-Time, in which case all the public school standardized testing and curriculum requirements would apply.